Peer Recovery Coaching Program

The Peer Recovery Coaching Program is a service for a person to collaborate with a Peer
Recovery Coach to build strengths and resources to sustain recovery from substance use
disorder. This program supports persons at any stage or with any type of addiction and/or with
co-occurring mental health conditions.

A peer recovery coach is a person with lived experience in recovery from addiction who supports and guides another person to achieve, sustain, or enhance their recovery through social support, wellness recovery planning, and building recovery capital.

Peer recovery coaches are certified peer recovery support specialists (PRS) trained and supervised in practice domains of ethical responsibility, mentoring, wellness, and advocacy. Like other helpers, a recovery coach guides a person to work towards their goals. Unlike other helpers they do not work on a specific program or therapy. They are not a sponsor, caseworker, or clinician. They are a peer who has been there and done that and can help establish and maintain the foundation to be successful!

Coaches work with community partner organizations such as treatment centers, jails, hospitals, supportive housing centers, drop-in centers, etc.  to connect with individuals through referrals or on-site coaching. Resource navigation and mentoring are available at our recovery center as well. Stop by CforR for more information and a cup of coffee!